Industry Solutions


Internet Industry

Driven leaders with over 20 years experience increasing revenues and profits for emerging Internet and established publishing companies targeting consumers and small to medium size businesses. Successfully motivated talented professionals that acquired millions of customers through strategic business development deals with Fortune 500 companies and multi-channel brand and direct response marketing programs. Proven ability to help companies eclipse competitors and sustain dominant positions in their markets.

Telecommunications Industry

Led a talented team of five marketing professionals, managed a $20 million annual marketing budget, and helped generate over $200 million in annual subscription revenues.

  • Increased new paid subscription customers by 300,000 annually through all marketing initiatives including SEM, SEO, online display, CPA media networks, affiliate marketing, video advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, print advertising, direct mail, email marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, direct response, and brand marketing.
  • Grew subscription revenues over 400% annually during the launch of our voice services products through national marketing campaigns targeting small to medium sized businesses and optimizing the performance of landing pages, marketing collateral, and multi-variant testing to drive awareness.
  • Led all marketing strategy, media planning, media buying, media optimization, cross-sell, and lead generation activities that led to a 95% increase in corporate enterprise revenues.
  • Launched the company’s first radio, television, email, print, viral marketing campaigns and integrated business development deals that increased free subscribers by 2 million, or 50%.
  • Led all business development activities including identifying potential partners, preparing presentations, negotiating contracts, coordinating with 25 cross functional team members, reviewing pricing policies, developing websites, preparing marketing materials, tracking performance, managing partnerships to up sell and cross-sell new services that led to CPM, CPC and CPA marketing deals with Yahoo, AOL, MSN Google and integration deals with, Sun Microsystems StarOffice, and BlueTie collaboration business services.

eCommerce Industry

Led business development efforts to launch’s video and DVD e-commerce business that helped us gain the leading position in the market. Marketed and licensed Junglee’s Comparative Shopping Guide and Jobs Database to Internet and Media companies.  Responsible for all customer acquisition programs through partnerships with leading websites.

Advertising Exchange Industry

Recruited by the CEO, assumed full responsibility for all operating activities, and turned an insolvent company into a leading real-time bidding marketplace targeting small to medium size businesses.

  • Set the vision and strategic direction for a dynamic team of 20 professionals that led to expanding into new advertising markets, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage, and growing advertising commission revenues by 150%.
  • Coached the sales team and developed sales recruiting, training, compensation and performance programs that led to raising new customer conversion rates from 2% to 14%, boosting customer participation rates from 3% to 15%, and improving customer retention from 13% to 50%.
  • Created national advertising campaigns targeting small to mid-sized businesses by integrating Microsoft CRM, ShoreTel Call Management, and an in-house customer database with all marketing programs.  The programs increased lead generation by 1,000%, grew customers over 100%, lowered customer acquisition costs by 500%, and lifted revenues over 150%.
  • Introduced structure, schedules and accountability to the product development process that led to building an in-house technology department, recruiting and hiring a CTO, designing and releasing a new self-service friendly website, creating a real-time bidding platform to expand into multiple markets, launching a cable television advertising marketplace that reached 26 million households, launching an online advertising marketplaces with over 30 publishers reaching millions of unique visitors, and reducing the product development cycle-time from 12 months to 1 month.
  • Reorganized the media relationship team and established key performance indicators that led to adding more than 1,200 radio stations and increasing the radio station participation rate from 30% to 50%.
  • Managed all intellectual property programs that led to gaining two international patents.

Financial Services Industry

Set the foundation for introducing an integrated marketing program for a $300 million diversified financial services company.

  • Hired, trained and motivated staff to develop and manage marketing campaigns for five major business units covering mortgage loans, credit unions, insurance, investment services, employee benefits and professional employer organizations (PEO).
  • Worked with a diversified financial services company to launch social media and online marketing compaigns.
  • And, set up the foundation for integrated marketing campaigns covering print, radio, television, display, and search marketing advertising.
  • Designed and created landing pages, set up umbrella marketing campaigns focused on the life-cycle of companies and life-events of consumers.
  • Designed and launched an updated version of the companies Sharepoint intranet platform.

Publishing Industry

Recruited by a Harvard Business School instructor to grow a fledgling print newsletter.  Assumed full responsibility for all operating activities, hired a database developer to upload our content on the Internet to build a national publication, reduced our manufacturing costs by 80%, added a subscription service with a tiered pricing structure, created and designed a website with search functionality that led to creating the leading training media and technology review publication in the training industry.

  • Assembled a virtual network of 50+ writers and designed a process for creating, editing and managing content that led to lowering our content acquisition costs to zero, quadrupling our content collection that include cover over 40+ topics, and attracting 10 times more small to medium size business customers.
  • Established strategic marketing relationships with American Society of Training & Development, the leading training association, Technology firms including Oracle, Macromedia, and Content Providers such as SkillSoft, and ElementK that grew subscription revenues by 100%.

Responsible for leading a team of five business development professionals to help grow our base of local small to medium size business customers across the nation and increase advertising revenues.

  • Directed business development, strategy, planning and implementation of products that led to new voice over IP, interactive voice recognition, wireless (i.e. Cell Phones, PDAs, & RIM), e-commerce, content licensing, online distribution, reseller arrangements, affiliate program, technology assessment and advertising deals.
  • Led the entire wireless strategy that included market research, preparing an ROI justification, identifying and negotiating with partners, assembling a team to develop the wireless platform, coordinating with operations, technology and product development to build the service, alpha and beta testing, pricing, and launching the service to the market.
  • Selected to help with the merger of, SBC and

Responsible for corporate financial planning and analysis projects in Finance and Strategy in preparation for executive committee and Board of Directors meetings, mergers and acquisitions, and international expansion.

  • Prepared pro-forma financial models, ROI & ROE analysis, DCF analysis, competitive analysis, and M&A analysis.  Consolidated annual budgets, quarterly forecasts, and long-range plans for Time Mirror’s 26 subsidiaries including the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Matthew Bender Legal Publisher, Jeppensen Sanderson, Ski Magazine, Golf Magazine, Popular Mechanics, The National Journal, The Sporting News, Learning International, Times Mirror Cable, and more.
  • Conducted market studies for growth opportunities in international, e-commerce, electronic books, and online content distribution on the Internet that led to investments in Australia and the Internet.
  • Built a Lotus 1-2-3 budgeting system that reduced costs by 300%.

Managed a $30 million business content service.  Conducted market research, competitive strategy analysis, pricing, and product positioning for the successful launch of content database products within the healthcare, defense, finance and technology information markets that led to a 20% increase in revenues.

  • Responsible for content licensing deals with major publications: led market research efforts to identify new publications to license, negotiated contracts to set royalty rates & redistribution rights, set prices based on the competitive environment and market demand; coordinated with cross functional teams to convert the content to a proprietary database product; prepared marketing materials and sales collateral; and trained the sales team on the details of the new products.
  • Selected by the CEO to participate on a special team that evaluated the computer and pharmaceutical information industries to invest up to $200 million that led to the creating of Knight-Ridder’ s Venture Capital firm.
  • Also, selected by the CEO to lead over 200 employees to shift in strategic direction from a product driven company to a market driven company. Influenced the division heads, prepared the strategy, and executed the plans.



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