Marketing Is Not Rocket Science

Marketing Is Not Rocket Science

Marketing is not rocket science.  Anyone who tells you different is full of rocket fuel.  Marketing is simple.

  • Align your marketing goals with your overall business goals.  Marketing spend should be tied directly to the revenue of your company.  If the company wants to grow revenue by $10 million, then all the marketing spend should be connected to that $10 million.  If it isn’t, then your marketing executives are pulling a wool over you heads.
  • Audience is key to all marketing.  Who is your target audience?  Are you targeting businesses or consumers or both?  If businesses, then what type of businesses (i.e. number of employees, revenues, industry, functional roles – finances, sales, executives, technology, etc.)? If consumers, then what type of consumers (i.e. income, education, age, gender, interest, etc.).
  • Media Channels are just places to find customers.  Some channels are physical like retail stores, some are virtual like online websites, and others are mobile like cars, phones and tablets.
  • Marketing Message is just a simple way to say what you need to say to your target audience.  If you are trying to reach teens, then your message needs to appeal to teens.
  • Creative is just the look and feel of your advertising.  It should also appeal to your target audience.  If you are targeting teens that like to skateboard, then find out how they dress, what they listen to, and what they think about.  When you get this information, then choose colors and images they entice teen skateboarders to buy your products.
  • Technology is easy – if you are doing ecommerce, you can track all of your marketing directly to transactions by media channel and partner.  If you are doing lead generation, you can integrate you online advertising (i.e. Search Marketing) with a marketing solution platform (i.e. Lead Tracking & Scoring) and a CRM system (i.e. Salesforce Automation).
  • Customer retention is just a way to say that you want to keep your customers and get them to spend more money with your company.
  • Customer services is just treating your customers well.  Be nice to them.  Help them.  Make life easy for them.
  • Optimization just means improve your marketing to make it more efficient.  If you spend $100 to acquire a customer today, then lower your customer acquisition cost to $75.  Big deal.  How do you do it?  Look at the numbers.  Run A/B test on landing pages to figure out which one makes your more money.  Renegotiate your advertising deals to get a lower CPM, CPC or CPA, or get more online impressions.  And, track the changes to make sure that your data shows an improvement.

Why make something so simple as marketing, so complicated?  There is no need to.  Again, it is not rocket science.  It is simple.


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