Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Changing the direction of a company is not an easy task.  Depending on the leadership at the top of a company, determines whether or not a company will change.  Leaders that have been with companies for a number of years, retain  a lot of information about the current direction of the company and how it got there.  If that leader decides to change, he or she may need a ton of education about the new direction.  Although these leaders talk about change, deep down inside their minds, they still hold on to the current way of doing things.  When anyone questions how things were done in the past, those leaders may become combative and resist making changes.

Sometimes, it is better to bring in a new leader a the top to help with making changes.  The new leader is not tied to the old way of doing things.  This leader may be more open to listening to and accepting new changes to the company.  The amount of resistance may be lower with this leader.

The team below the leaders also need to be on board with change.  If they are on board, great.  They will be open to making changes.  If not, get ready for a political battle that may result in an ineffective approach to change management.  These people, generally, want to protect their livelihood.  They succeeded based on the things they did in the past.  And, they may not be knowledgeable about any new technologies, process, or approaches to creating a more efficient company.  So, a change leader will need to, delicately, guide them through the process of shifting the direction of a company.

So what?

  • Get the CEO to be in agreement and on board with changes.
  • Educate, educate and educate everyone with the new approach
  • Problem solve any issues that may arise from the new approach
  • Coach, teach and help team members at all levels with the new approach
  • Be aware of the politics and get ahead of the political game

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